ClearView is a group of talented professionals that manage employee benefits and is a partner of NFP Benefit Partners, part of a the National Financial Partners Corp, representing over 50,000 corporate clients internationally. So, naturally, they seek to maintain high levels of customer service and give each individual personalized attention without compromising time and productivity.

Through UCS Cloud Consultative Services, UCS and the Clearview management team determined that Clearview could benefit for a more streamlined Salesforce interface; better data management for reporting, real-time user portals and customer interface.

Clearview group now has the bandwidth to service 20% more customers in 30% less time. This is achieved because now their customers are able to upload documents, maintain their own personal account and get real-time data without ever having to pick up the phone.

Business Challenge

Dow Jones had multiple internal environments to support multiple business units. The IT operations team was looking for a partner that could provide long term support as an extended part of the IT team to the business users. One of the key aspects of the support was to manage and maintain the IBM cast iron middle ware software.

UCS Strategy

The managed services group at Spyrel proposed a long term support and maintenance solution to Dow Jones and have managed the strategic partnership for over two years, helping the internal IT team on more than ten initiatives starting from integrating Microsoft outlook to through integrating to internal systems using IBM’s Cast Iron cloud appliances and middleware.

Dow Jones Transformed

Dow Jones has been able to rollout multiple business critical capabilities to it’s business teams on the platform sooner than anticipated with the help of the Spyrel managed services group. Dow Jones has been able to rollout multiple business critical capabilities to it’s business teams on the platform sooner than anticipated with the help of the

Business Challenge

A fast growing publically traded telecom and cable company based in Virginia, Shentel, was looking to move to a next generation customer service and support software platform that provided it’s call center and customer service agents with capabilities like case management, chat, email response as well as the ability to integrate to various billing and network operational systems internally.

UCS Strategy

Working with the account management, UCS showcased the Shentel management customer service and call center protypes. UCS rolled out multiple seats of to various call center locations within a quarter. Features like chat, email automation, enhanced reporting, case management and integration to the back office customer and billing database were integrated seamlessly into the Shentel procedures and would become and integral part of their operations infrastructure.

Shentel Transformed

The transformation of Shentel’s call center into a next generation contact center ushered their customer service to a new level of engagement and satisfaction. Call and email handling capabilities have dramatically increased and the number of cases being handled have gone increased by 20%. Customers of Shentel are increasingly engaging through user portals and Shentel now has the bandwidth to communicate

Business Challenge

The original implementation of and Five9, the cloud based telephony softward, were not completely successful, Ashworth was looking for a trusted partner to work collaboratively on improving the performance, usability and adoption of both Salesforce applications within their 100 seat enrollment call center.

UCS Strategy

The USC team worked with Ashworth's internal IT and business groups, shadowing call center agents and back office users or and Five9. They Proposed a three step approach to improving usability and increasing adoption through simplification of the call center applications. would become and integral part of their operations infrastructure

Ashworth Transformed

The solution implementation resulted in a three-fold increase in adoption of and Five9 and an 10% increase in lead conversion and class enrollments using the newly optimized application.