A new way to work your Sales Funnel
Keeping your CRM up-to-date burns up your Sales Team's time. Sales Optimizer is your new fire department.

The ultimate sales cadence app
Work with your existing
opportunity stages and rules
When you install Sales Optimizer,
it finds all of your different Opportunity stages and imports them. Also, validation rules that control stage changes are displayed when broken.
collapse to
see everything
See and change three times as many records as in detail view.
create new
Make a new Opportunity, save it, and see it immediately in Sales Optimizer.
Click to schedule a follow-up with the contact on the Opportunity.
Jump from Sales Optimizer to a call, and log it with one click.
filter opportunities
by team, user and date
Sales Optimizer allows you to filter your view by user, sales team, region or territory, as well as by close date — so you can narrow in on just the info you need to see.
Click to email the contact on the Opportunity from your own inbox.
Jot down a note on an Opportunity and jump right back in to Sales Optimizer.
drag & drop to stages —
closed won with just a click
Sales Optimizer lets you drag and drop opportunities into any stage, firing business rules and workflows as necessary — including closing any opportunity with one click.